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Resolution Number One in 2009.

–Dr. Bruce McLucas

They’re a lot of things I’m looking to change this year. Top of the list is getting other doctors to learn the techniques necessary to perform embolization. This life-changing alternative to surgery is simply not available to enough women in enough places. That’s why 2009 will see FTC spreading the word about embolization to doctors as well as patients. Our goal is to encourage gynecologists to provide women with all the treatment options for a fibroid problem, not just the standard surgeries we learned back in med school. In addition to an active physician outreach, FTC has developed a simulator in association with a medical technology company called Mentice. It allows doctors to learn embolization in much the same way pilots learn how to fly airplanes. We’re excited to announce that the Mentice model has been approved for release. And now we’re encouraging medical professionals to take advantage of this chance to acquire the skills that make such a difference for women with fibroids.

Resolution Number One in 2009.

Join fibroid expert Bruce McLucas M.D. and patients who stopped fibroids without surgery

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