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EmpowHer Spreads Wisdom for Women.

A great resource for women’s health questions can be found quickly and easily online. EmpowHer.com is a text and video encyclopedia of women’s health issues that is quick, thorough and very easy to understand. Dr. McLucas was recently tapped to be interviewed for a video series about fibroids and embolization. The interview is broken into short segments that address patient questions and concerns. To access this very valuable information, go to EmpowHer.com, enter the key word ‘embolization’ in the search box. There is a library of Dr. McLucas speaking on subjects like the benefits of embolization, how women can advocate their condition and how to stop fibroids from growing. You can also access this series more directly by clicking here. EmpowHer is an invaluable resource for women who want simple, straight forward knowledge about all kinds of conditions. We highly recommend you visit the site, not just for fibroid information, but for comprehensive answers to questions you may have about your health.

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EmpowHer Spreads Wisdom for Women.

Join fibroid expert Bruce McLucas M.D. and patients who stopped fibroids without surgery

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