CNN Health: Abnormal periods

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CNN Health: Abnormal periods

CNN Health reports on abnormal periods, causes and treatment options, including heavy periods caused by fibroids.

CNN Health reported today on a question many women ask themselves – why is my period changing from its normal cycle and what does that mean?   Common abnormal symptoms included: Spotting, Heavy Flow, Light Flow, Irregular Cycles, Cramps and Having No Period.  Many of these symptoms had easy explanations, such as low-dose birth control for light flow and spotting, fibroids for heavy flow and stress for irregular cycles – just to name a few.

The report urged women with Heavy Flows not to ignore the problem – that it could be more than “just annoying” – especially if you change your pad more than 5 times during the day.  They explained that heavy periods can be a sign that you have fibroids.  Common treatments included in the article were  fibroid embolization and other surgical alternatives such as hysterectomy.

You can read the entire article at: CNN Health, Living Well

CNN Health: Abnormal periods

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