Surrogacy: A Growing Trend?

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Surrogacy: A Growing Trend?

Surrogacy is gaining widespread acceptance in the United States as more families are turning to it as an alternative treatment for infertility.

Nearly sixteen hundred babies were both through surrogacy in 2011, which was a significant increase from the 738 born in 2004. More and more couples are turning to surrogacy as an alternative treatment for infertility. Celebrity couples such as Jimmy Fallon reported that they used a surrogate after trying countless times to conceive.

With other high profile couples announcing that they have used surrogates, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, this method is gaining wider acceptance in the United States. Surrogacy helps fulfill couples’ dreams of having children after all of their efforts and time trying and not being able to conceive.

Government official and Louisiana Senator, Gary Smith, also used surrogacy, giving him a happy family. His positive results from using surrogates may have influenced him to write and push for a pro-surrogacy bill. According to the National Infertility Association, there are now 15 states that have laws requiring coverage for infertility treatment.

Although surrogates provide couples struggling to conceive with additions to their families, there is still a considerable amount of debate on the morality and ethics of using women as “ovens” to store babies. Some believe that surrogacy exploits vulnerable women who are more likely to be willing to be surrogates and that it is a profit-driven business.

Surrogates are paid around $50,000 for fees along with costs reaching anywhere from $75,000 to $120,000 after the whole process.

Currently, the United States and India are the only two countries that provide surrogacy as an option for couples wanting to expand their family. While surrogates produce the miracle of life for infertile families, there are still some who are headstrong against the idea of utilizing women as a carrier.

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Written by Katherine Chua

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