Can you become pregnant during your period?

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Can you become pregnant during your period?

Read more to see how it IS likely to become pregnant during your menstrual cycle.

There is a common misconception that if you are on your period, then it is close to impossible in becoming pregnant. Although it is highly unlikely that pregnancy can occur during your menstrual cycle, it is still possible.
Most women experience their menstrual cycle to be 28-32 days. However, there are some women who can have their cycle be shortened to only 24 days and have bleeding for 7 days. If you have unprotected intercourse on the last day of bleeding and ovulate about 3 days later, then there is a possibility you can become pregnant.

The reason is being is that ovulation normally occurs halfway during a usual 28-32 day cycle: about every 14 days. With bleeding lasting for 7 days, ovulation can occur within 3 days after. Sperm can survive between 3-5 days inside a woman’s body, and thus can cause a pregnancy.

OBGYN Dr. Michele Hakakha suggests to look for signs of breast tenderness, moodiness, and abdominal cramping if you had unprotected sex during your period. Sometimes it is difficult to know just exactly how many days your menstrual cycle is because some women experience spotting between periods.

To be sure if you are pregnant, a simple blood test can always give a most accurate reading. It is a good idea to visit your doctor if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Can you become pregnant during your period?

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