The Joy (Yes, You Read That Right) of Middle Aging.

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The Joy (Yes, You Read That Right) of Middle Aging.

We live in a youth-obsessed culture. But that’s no excuse to ignore the flat-out positives (and there are many) of menopause.

blog-sept-middleageWe live in a youth-obsessed culture. But that’s no excuse to ignore the flat-out positives (and there are many) of this stage in your life.  People live longer these days.  So to designate the first thirty or so years (of what is now amounting to be eight plus decades on the planet) as prime time, is to potentially miss the beauty of your middle years.

Clearer skin. There was a time when you would have killed for a complexion free of crazy hormonal interruptions.   Middle age means clear, glowing skin that isn’t break-out prone…and doesn’t leave you facing zits in the mirror every month.

More Self Assurance. Middle aged women are more likely to pursue their own goals, step outside the box, take new directions and make new choices.  This isn’t just a result of a greater reserve of ‘life wisdom’, it’s the confidence that comes from still being young enough to take chances…and seasoned enough to make the most of the taking.

LOL at PMS. Don’t underestimate the boon of freedom from cramping, irritability, mood swings and (dare we say it) irrational behavior. More and more women are equating the post-menopause years with a gain, rather than a loss, because they see this time as a new independence from periodical assaults on their physical and emotional well being.

A New Level of Sexuality. Women of ‘a certain age’ know their bodies very well and are also unselfconscious enough to pursue what they want in the bedroom. Not only do many women say that enjoying sex without fear of pregnancy frees them to greater pleasure and satisfaction…middle aged women also feel they have less self-consciousness about being able to express themselves physically with a partner.

Fibroids Symptoms Fade. The cramping, pain, bleeding and pressure associated with a fibroid problem may lesson as the estrogen in your system drops.  As estrogen declines, fibroids stop growing so aggressively and many women experience symptom relief.  “In the years leading up to menopause, fibroids are soaking in an estrogen bath as menstrual cycles deteriorate, often leading to fibroid ‘growth spurts’ and an increase in fibroid-related symptoms.” Says Bruce McLucas MD, ob-gyn and professor at UCLA, “Many women, but not all, will experience relief from their symptoms after the ovaries stop producing estrogen.”

More Time For Self…and Health. For those first few decades of life as a young woman, most women are too swamped with career, partner and kids to focus much on caring for themselves.  Middle age opens a new time for self-care, self-discovery and yes…self-pampering.  There’s more time to get and stay fit.  More time to eat healthy.  And more time to explore self-nourishing pursuits like meditation, dance, writing and other artistic pursuits.

The Joy (Yes, You Read That Right) of Middle Aging.

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