Permanent Makeup. Pretty or Pretty Risky?

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Permanent Makeup. Pretty or Pretty Risky?

Getting permanent makeup is akin to getting a tattoo. Be sure to know the risks before you commit.

blog-makeupHeading into this season of special occasions, you may have already been seduced by one of those ads for permanent make-up. While the allure of Cleopatra eyes, statement brows, or lip-liner that won’t bleed may seem like a gorgeous idea…please consider before you commit.

Permanent make-up is just another way of saying ‘tattoo’. Like all tattoos, it can turn out quite differently than you imagined. And be quite difficult to get rid of. Should you have a change of heart (or simply dislike the results) undoing your ‘do’ can be both problematic and expensive. Not to mention that the fallout can be more than skin deep. Complications include infection, allergic reactions and growth of such unfabulous skin conditions as granulomas and keloids. According to the FDA, metallic inks used in permanent makeup can also cause pain and inflammation during MRI imaging procedures and they have a tendency to oxidize into an unlovely state known as “rust”.

If you’re still keen to commence, make sure you use a certified provider. And remember that the time you may save by having make-up permanently engraved on your skin…may not be worth the time you might spend regretting the results.

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