Happy Holidays. I’m Blue.

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Happy Holidays. I’m Blue.

Holidays can create an upsurge of stress. While there are no easy answers, a few small changes may help in the long run.

blog-holiday-bluesFor starters, you’re not alone. More often than not, holidays create an upsurge of stress, personality collisions and a lot of non-celebratory feelings. Between all the planning, the entertaining, the gifting many people wind up feeling stressed out, worn down and, ok, even a little depressed. While there are no easy answers, a few small changes may help in the long run.

Start by reminding yourself it’s supposed to be a celebration not a competition. Get friends and family to pitch into everything you’re doing. Whether it’s cooking a meal, decorating the house or wrapping a package…you don’t have to go it alone. Holidays are supposed to be a time to connect. Take that thought to heart. Include people around you in the work as well as the fun. You’ll be amazed to discover that what seems like a chore (or a panic) becomes much more manageable when you ask others to pitch in. Helping makes people feel needed. And celebrations are meant to be communal, not a one-person production.

Scale back on expectations. Most of the stress we experience at this time is self-imposed. Families don’t magically become the Waltons just because it’s holiday season. Meals and get togethers don’t always go as planned. So try not to try so hard. You’ll find (gulp) that when you do less, you actually enjoy it more.

Schedule some selfish time, (even if it’s only an hour or so), at least once a week over the next couple of months. Take a walk by yourself. Catch coffee and a magazine out of the house. Get your nails done or go to the movies. Just do something that gives you a little breathing room from all the ‘must dos’ and ‘gotta finishes’. You may feel like you don’t have the time. Truth is, you do…but you have to make it.

Power nap. Science has proven that there are incredible benefits to 15 or 20 minutes of napping. You reset your system and get an upswing in alertness, motor performance and mood. If you’re first response is, ”I’m too busy”, we’d like to point out that many CEOs, American presidents and other high-pressure professionals manage it. Why not you?

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