A Clear Look At Cleanses

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A Clear Look At Cleanses

Are cleanses a good idea? A look at how this liquid fast can hurt and help the health of a woman.

blog-cleanseIf you haven’t heard by now, just wait a few minutes. People around you will be talking about cleanses . Especially in the heart of the holidays, when indulgence and overload are rampant.

Essentially, cleanses are a form of liquid fast where you abstain from solid foods and take nutrition from liquid sources for a defined (and usually short) period of time. Celebrated as an approach to detoxifying, renewing and regenerating the body, cleanses are also touted as an approach to weight loss. (But more on that later.)

Let’s start with the positive angle. Giving organs (like your liver, kidneys, colon) that work 24/7 a little break, is probably a pretty good idea. Fasts and the concept of purifying the body have been part of human culture for thousands of years. Ritual times to not eat appear in every major religion (Lent, Ramadan, Yom Kippur for example) and are associated with everything from sharpened spiritual awareness to a better balanced physiology.

A cleanse that has you refrain from solid food, while taking nutrients in a liquid form, may well give your hard-working organs a rest. Digesting, detoxifying, and excreting food is something your body is designed to do, but modern diets are so full of fats, sugars and processed elements, the occasional ‘clearing out’ is probably beneficial to the system. And since cleanses involve a constant, high level of liquids, you are definitely flushing things through at an accelerated rate.

BUT, (and it’s capitalized for a reason), a cleanse is not meant as a weight loss system. Yes, you lose weight (mostly water), but the effects are purely temporary. A cleanse will not cure illness, make you younger, smarter, sexier…or any of the countless benefits often advertised. What a cleanse can do is give your body a chance to reboot. It can help alleviate that ‘congested’ feeling that comes from too much, or the wrong kind of food. And taking a cleanse will certainly give you new insight into your relationship with eating.

So is it for you? Obviously, we think that’s something to discuss with your physician. As with any significant dietary change(even a temporary one) there are risks and side effects to consider. While there are an abundance of cleanses on the internet and in magazines, not all of them are safe…or beneficial.

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