Changing Face: 8 Must-knows About Plastic Surgery

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Changing Face: 8 Must-knows About Plastic Surgery

Learn about the caveats you should consider before taking the plunge into plastic surgery.

blog-plastic-surgeryIt’s a thoroughly modern feeling: “If I don’t like something, I’m going to fix it”. But when that ‘something’ involves your face, it’s important to know, in spite of surgical advances and greater acceptance for ‘getting a little work done’, there are some caveats to be considered.

  • A face lift is major surgery on a very delicate part of your anatomy. Your face is so expressive because it is has a huge number of muscles and nerve endings. Cutting things and moving them around does have its risks. It is not as unusual as you think for patients to lose mobility, sensation or even experience facial paralysis. Modern techniques help minimize risk, but do not eliminate them.
  • If you don’t like the results, you can’t just ‘change it back’. Once your face is surgically altered, it can not be returned to its original state. For many, that’s the whole idea. But if you wind up looking different in ways you don’t like, even the best surgeon won’t be able to completely undo what has been done.
  • Looking younger has limits. You can’t (and won’t) get your twenties back. The best procedures will take years off yes… but not decades. Be realistic. Removing wrinkles and lifting facial planes can refresh and rejuvenate to a degree… beyond that you may be entering the realm of ‘doesn’t look old but doesn’t look human either.’
  • Plastic surgery can be addictive. Some women have such good results from one procedure, they decide more would make them look even better. We’ve all seen this (and in very young women too.) These patients wind up undergoing surgery after surgery in pursuit of a higher level of perfection. The results are usually not pretty.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a facelift is not a time machine. If you have issues with aging, surgery won’t solve them. Yes, it will change the way you look. No, it probably won’t fix the feelings you have about getting older.
  • Surgery hurts. Most people know this at one level and forget it at another. Recovery will be painful. Yes, there is discomfort and bruising and swelling and a lot of other things that go with the territory. Be sure you are completely honest with yourself about your willingness to endure weeks of healing.
  • Skin stretches. The lift that you have today will relax over time. You will eventually have new wrinkles, new sags and new issues. Most people who have one lift will be looking at another down the road.
  • Always choose someone who has done a significant amount of the procedure you are considering. Make sure you see his or her work first. Don’t make your decision on the basis of cheaper or faster or more ads on television. Truly skilled aesthetic surgeons are just like all other great artists…they are rare, busy and usually expensive. The most important part of your procedure will be the doctor who is doing it. Make sure your goals are clear and the practitioner has discussed all the details with you in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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