5 ‘Must-Take’ Health Tests For Your 50s.

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5 ‘Must-Take’ Health Tests For Your 50s.

Even if you pass as an LA 35, if your birth certificate says ‘1961′ or before, it’s time to start thinking preventatively about your health.

blog-top5-testsEven if you pass as an LA 35, when the date on your birth certificate says ‘1961’ (or anything before it) there are some significant tests you really should have. Sustaining good health isn’t just a matter of diet and exercise. To get the best out of all the years ahead, start thinking preventatively in the here and now.

Thyroid hormone test. The thyroid produces hormones essential to your body’s metabolism and disruptions to normal production can lead to a variety of health issues. Get your thyroid checked at age 50 and regular readings every 5 years after.
Rectal exam. Resist the urge to run at the mention of this one. It’s an important test that keys into problems (think colon and rectal cancer) which are very treatable if detected early. As cringe-worthy as it may seem, rectal exams at this age, and every year after, can make an enormous difference to your overall continued good health.

Cholesterol profile. Yes, you hear about high cholesterol all the time. But the condition doesn’t always arrive with symptoms. You can’t intuit your cholesterol count (even if your diet is already oriented to minimize cholesterol intake), so get the numbers. This is a simple test that can add years to your life. And something everyone at the half-century mark should investigate.

Blood pressure. Do you know yours? Hypertension attacks the heart, brain, eyes and kidneys. Untreated high blood pressure is a leading cause of ill-health and a shortened lifespan. Of all the suggestions on this page, a blood pressure test is the cheapest, quickest and simplest. (Many pharmacies even offer it for free). Don’t let another birthday go by without checking yours.

Skin exams. Not just a once-over-in-the-mirror after a shower, either. Get a dermatologist to go over your entire body. This isn’t just about moles that change size or shape. This is about discolorations, dry patches, and scaly bits. A half-century of environmental exposure to sun, chemicals and topical irritants means you need to be on your guard against skin cancer. Caught early, it’s one of the most treatable types. Unchecked, it can prove disfiguring and even deadly.

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