Ideal Traits to Look For In A Doctor

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Ideal Traits to Look For In A Doctor

Sure, the diploma and training are important. But there are other equally weighted skills that add up to better care. Learn about the ideal traits to look for when selecting a doctor.

blog-doctor-traitsSure, the diploma and training are important. But equally weighted are the people skills that add up to better care for you, the patient. Ask yourself the following questions about any candidate for the position of partnering in your health.

Does this physician give me confidence? His or her assurance influences everything from your belief in a given diagnosis … to your willingness to follow the medical advice you are about to receive.

Do I sense a compassionate and caring nature? Technical ability should never be underestimated. But when it’s matched with empathy and genuine involvement from the physician, there tends to be a greater commitment on your part to the treatment or procedure.

Am I getting forthright information? Test results, a diagnosis, or answers to questions that are only delivered in ‘Medical-ese’ tend not only to be confusing, they can conflict with your ability to truly participate in the back-to-health process. Direct and simple language from a doctor is crucial.

Is my input respected? Yes, the physician is the medical authority. But an inability to consider your wants and needs just isn’t helpful. Patients have a point of view…and a good doctor respects it.

Do I feel rushed in my consultations? It’s a busy world and medicine has been forced to a faster pace. But a doctor who hurries you through an evaluation or diagnosis may also miss something important. It’s never a good sign if you feel like he or she is only allotting the minimum possible amount of time to your case.

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