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Slim Down for Summer

While summer is finally here, many are filling the local gym, hoping to display their fit (or not-so-fit) bodies at beaches and swimming pools. Achieving that fit body often comes at a fair price – dedication to the habit of exercising. All too often; however, our initial enthusiasm and energy wanes, we get distracted by other things going on in our lives, or we don’t think we’re seeing results quickly enough — and we throw in the towel.

Studies have indicated that habitual exercisers are often less concerned with powerful pecs and awesome abs as they were with feeling good and being healthy.

So, what does this say? Well, once you get into a rhythm, it may no longer seem like such a chore as it will something that uplifts you and keeps you energized.
Here are some way to keep the ball rolling:

  1. Do a variety of activities you enjoy. Having a variety of activities – weight lifting, walking, running, tennis, cycling, aerobics classes – will ensure that you can do something regardless of the weather or time of day.
  2. Commit to another person. It can keep you accountable and allow you to socialize at the same time.
  3. Choose a time that works for you. Experts say that you are more likely to follow through with your fitness schedule if you fit it in either directly before or after work/school.
  4. Exercise even when you’re “too tired.” Chances are, you’ll feel better after exercising. Exercising energizes us. While exercising, you breathe deeply, and your body makes better use of the oxygen exchange. You’ll get an exercise-induced euphoria during the activity and for some time after. 
  5. Reward yourself. Experts say that making behavior changes is hard, and rewards motivate. So decide on a goal and a reward, and work toward it.

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Slim Down for Summer

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