A Developing Vaccine for Breast Cancer

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A Developing Vaccine for Breast Cancer

A new developing vaccine for preventing existing and future tumors that can cause breast cancer is underway. Find out how this vaccine works.

New studies are  underway regarding the development of a vaccine to prevent breast cancer. According to a 2010 Natural Medicine study, a vaccine developed by Shield Biotech, a Cleveland Clinic spin-off, was shown to prevent breast cancer growth in mice that are genetically prone to breast cancer.

The Chief Innovation Officer of the Cleveland Clinic, Thomas Graham, M.D. stated that they are establishing a new company, Shield Biotech, that aims to develop and test different breast cancer vaccinations in humans. With this new vaccine, Graham believes that it can help stop deadly forms of breast cancer, including triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

TNBC is one of the most difficult forms of breast cancer to treat because genes for estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and Her2/neu are not expressed. Chemotherapy is only designed to target one of these receptors to remove the cancerous cells. For this reason, a combination of treatments must be used to treat TNBC because chemotherapy alone is not effective.

This vaccine has shown (in its preliminary data) success against preventing new tumors from forming as well as existing tumors from growing. The vaccine works by providing the patient with immunity against proteins that are over expressed only in in TNBC but not in normal breast tissue.

This study will start using human trials to test the vaccine’s effectiveness on TNBC patients and for patients who do not yet have breast cancer, but who are at a high risk. More research is being conducted after success in mice and there is hope that the vaccine will have the same effect on human patients.

Written by Katherine Chua



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