Breath Test for Breast Cancer?

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Breath Test for Breast Cancer?

A new test measures organic compounds in exhaled breath to identify links to breast cancer. It won’t replace mammograms, but might provide easier access to immediate testing.

blog-oct-breast-cancerConsider this great news for all women who dread having their chests periodically crushed on the mammogram machine. An extraordinary (but still experimental) new test can actually measure organic compounds in exhaled breath, then identify those linked to breast cancer. While this test isn’t expected to replace mammograms, it will provide early intervention and regular screening for high risk patients. A pilot study proved the breath test 77 percent accurate (mammograms log in at about 80 percent) and the advantages to a simple, on-the-spot system which involves nothing more invasive than ‘blow into this tube’ are mind-boggling.

Reality check. The technology is still in the early stages of development (meaning, no you can’t go and get one today). But the hope of an easy, accessible and immediate screening for breast cancer is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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