Winter Skin Survival Guide

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Winter Skin Survival Guide

Keep skin smooth, soft and glowing with a little extra TLC. Here are a few simple steps…

blog-winter-skinIn the cold months (and indoor heating) ahead, it’s vital to nurture and nourish with a vengeance. Keep skin smooth, soft and glowing with a little extra TLC. A few simple steps can make all the difference.

As we age, skin cells die faster and renew more slowly. A good, regular scrub removes the dull top layer and stimulates cell production. Choose an exfoliant that matches your skin type (oily skin needs a little more abrasive treatment, drier skin needs something with finer particles in a moisture-rich base). And don’t confine this to the facial area…your whole body benefits from periodic sloughing, especially during the winter months.

Drink more water.
Something that is second nature in summer becomes less instinctual during the cold season. But all cells thrive on water…and skin cells are particularly susceptible to dry, cold conditions and the resulting dehydration. Shoot for at least three 8 ounce glasses a day. Room temperature if you can stand it, it’s less of a shock to your system. And the body absorbs water better when it isn’t super chilled.

Moisturize right after you shower.
Damp skin seals in the moisture content of your cream or lotion much better than when you apply it to dry skin. Slather on knees and elbows. These are thin skin areas and more likely to dry and scale than other parts of the body. And don’t forget a generous hit of lip balm, your lips, like your skin, will take up the healing moisture more efficiently.

Sleep with a humidifier on.
If you don’t have one (or plan to get one) at least have a generous, open container of water somewhere in your bedroom. Indoor heating sucks moisture (think of what happens when you put an apple into an oven). Reconditioning your indoor climate with a healthy dose of evaporating water (or in the case of a humidifier, gentle steam) allows skin to pick up moisture from the environment.

Cut down on the alcohol.
Or at least balance your intake by drinking the same amount of water with meals and cocktails. Alcohol dehydrates. It’s effects on skin are exaggerated in the winter months.

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