Osteoporosis: One of the top health concerns for women

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Osteoporosis: One of the top health concerns for women

Osteoporosis threatens 44 million Americans, of which 68% are women, reports the National Osteoporosis Foundation. In the past most women who suffered from frailty and pain with increasing aged merely accepted it as a part of growing old. Yet now we know that for many women osteoporosis is the cause of this pain and disability, and can be prevented. In fact, it’s actually the behaviors that women engage in during development and early adulthood that dictate future problems with bone strength, not necessarily damage later in life. This is because our bodies build up most of bone mass until age 30 when our body goes into bone maintenance mode. But remember: It is never too late to keep bones strong and avoid fractures.

Risk factors for osteoporosis include:

• Increasing age

• Small, thin-boned frame

• Family history

• Infrequent menstrual cycles and estrogen loss due to menopause may increase risk.

• Diet low in calcium and vitamin D

• Medication use, particularly glucocorticoids or some anticonvulsants

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Smoking

• Excessive alcohol

What can you do? Talk to your doctor about making changes to your lifestyle to prevent osteoporosis, especially if you fit in with one of these high-risk groups. The upside: healthy habits and regular exercise can help with preventing more than just osteoporosis.



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