Fruit Skins We Shouldn't Throw Away

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Fruit Skins We Shouldn’t Throw Away

Many of us fruit lovers know the sweet or tanginess of that ripe fruit or vegetable. First, we peel of the skin of the fruit and chop it up into bite sized pieces. However, studies show that the skin that we just removed is actually the best part of the fruit. The same thing goes for the seeds and stems of vegetables.

Apple Skin:

The skin of the apple actually contains more fiber and vitamins compared to the inside of the fruit. In addition, the skin contains antioxidants that are beneficial to having healthy lungs. This can help those who have breathing problems. Apples also contribute to healthy brain function and prevent memory loss or Alzheimer’s.

Potato Skin:

Potato skins have more fiber than the inside of the potato. Not to mention the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also say that the skin contains calcium for strong bones, potassium, vitamin C to help our immune system and much more. Try baking or roasting the potato with the skin intact.

Pumpkin Seeds:

When carving that pumpkin for Halloween or other festivities, keep the pumpkin seeds aside. These pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which can help prevent heart problems and osteoporosis. Roasting these seeds on the pan can be a delicious treat.

Orange Peels:

Many of us do not consider the skin of the orange and usually peel off that hard and bitter layer. However, a study has shown that orange peels can actually lower cholesterol more effectively than any other medication. These peels also have the abilities to decrease our chance of heart disease and inflammation. This does not mean that we now must eat orange peels, you can use the skin as a zest for your meals.

Written by: Katherine Chua

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Fruit Skins We Shouldn’t Throw Away

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