How Fashion Can Be Damaging To Your Health

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How Fashion Can Be Damaging To Your Health

More and more people are aware of the facts that smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and eating bad foods can cause damage to our health. However, when did fashion ever have an impact on women? As it turns out, Dr. Mahsa Tehrani has spoken about how heels and purses can cause harm to our bodies.

High Heels                              

Wearing high heels causes abnormal pressure points in the knee that can result in degenerative arthritis. Many studies have shown that even the smallest heel can result in damaging our joints. Currently, there is no cure for degenerative arthritis. To prevent arthritis in our joints, women can opt for wearing more flats and occasionally wear heels for events that require it.


Oversized purses have now taken the trend among women. It is not the purse itself that poses a problem but the fact that many women tend to overstuff these purses. With the uneven weight distribution on the two shoulders, this can lead to compression of nerves and muscle inflammation. A solution for the heavy purses is to do a weekly clean of the contents to make for a lighter purse.

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Written by: Katherine Chua

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How Fashion Can Be Damaging To Your Health

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