Health as it Happens: October 2010

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Health as it Happens: October 2010

news-oct-breast-cancerBreath Test for Breast Cancer?
A new test measures organic compounds in exhaled breath to identify links to breast cancer. It won’t replace mammograms, but might provide easier access to immediate testing.
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news-oct-breathSpeaking of Breath… Can it Measure Bodily Health?
For thousands of years, Chinese doctors have used breath to help diagnosis health concerns from digestive infirmities to reproductive issues. Is this a new frontier in medical testing?
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news-oct-yogurtGut Reaction to Yogurt
Of course you’ve noticed the trend. A tsunami of yogurt based products boasting efficacy in intestinal health are now currently overflowing your supermarket. So what are the facts?
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news-oct-bellyWhen Diet + Exercise = Belly Gets Bigger
You know you’re not pregnant. You’ve seriously worked out, dieted and used every method to re-establish a six pack, but your belly keeps growing. Take a deep breath. It may be fibroids.
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news-oct-guruAnti-Aging Guru Gives 6 Secrets To Staying Vital
Henry S. Lodge M.D. has a lot of advice in ‘Younger Next Year for Women’ (Workman Publishing). Here are a few to get you started…
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Health as it Happens: October 2010

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