Health as it Happens: November Newsletter

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Health as it Happens: November Newsletter

news-nov-big-eatsSurviving the Season of Big Eats
Tips on how to enjoy the foods around the holiday while still keeping the caloric onslaughts under control.
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news-nov-holiday-bluesHappy Holidays. I’m Blue.
Holidays can create an upsurge of stress. While there are no easy answers, a few small changes may help in the long run.
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news-nov-babyWhen The Holiday Gift You Really Want is a Baby
Have a child on the wish list but haven’t quite gotten that package wrapped yet? Don’t rule out uterine fibroids.
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news-nov-permanent-makeupPermanent Makeup. Pretty or Pretty Risky?
Getting permanent makeup is akin to getting a tattoo. Be sure to know the risks before you commit.
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news-nov-warningDiabetes Alert: Five Warning Signs That Might Spell Trouble
One in three people with type 2 diabetes don’t even know they have a problem. Knowing what to look for can make all the difference.
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