Health as it Happens: December Newsletter

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Health as it Happens: December Newsletter

blog-kids-greed (1)Kids, Greed and the Holidays
As much as we love our children and want to give them their hearts’ desire, holiday gift giving brings a few issues to the forefront. What can we do as parents to help?
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blog-rechargeRecharging Your Batteries in the New Year
Most of us hit the wall sometime during the holidays. Stress, fatigue, overload. Here are a few simple resolutions that can help you face the New Year with a little more energy.
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blog-plastic-surgeryChanging Face: 8 Must-knows About Plastic Surgery
It’s a thoroughly modern feeling: “If I don’t like something, I’m going to fix it”. But when that ‘something’ involves your face, it’s important to know what caveats you should consider.
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blog-cleanseA Clear Look at Cleanses
If you haven’t heard by now, just wait a few minutes. People around you will be talking about cleanses. Especially in the heart of the holidays, when indulgence and overload are rampant.
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blog-elderly-drivingPutting The Brakes on an Elderly Driver
We’ll be seeing a lot of our families this season. And one of the most difficult things to tackle is when you suspect that an elderly relative should no longer be driving. Learn about the tell-tale signs.
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