dp Health as it Happens - March Newsletter

Health as it Happens – March Newsletter

blog-top5-tests5 Must-Take Health Tests For Your 50s
Even if you pass as an LA 35, if your birth certificate says ‘1961′ or before, it’s time to start thinking preventatively about your health.
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blog-menopause-sex-driveMenopause and Your Sex Drive
Lowered estrogen levels can affect you in many ways. Things like, less interest in sex or a higher threshold for arousal can affect your sex life. Learn how to step up your sex drive during menopause.
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blog-fertility-weight (1)Fertility and Your Weight
It’s more important than you think. Weight is an often, overlooked factor in getting pregnant. But studies show that preconception weight is a very significant factor.
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blog-doctor-traitsIdeal Traits to Look For In A Doctor
Sure, the diploma and training are important. But there are other equally weighted skills that add up to better care. Learn about the ideal traits to look for when selecting a doctor.
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Health as it Happens – March Newsletter

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