Prepping Your Immune System for Winter

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Prepping Your Immune System for Winter

blog-immune-defenseWhether you live in South California or North Dakota, winter is the season for colds and flu. The best defense is a strong immune system. A few simple strategies can help heighten your ability to withstand virus and infection.

Proper nutrition, vitamin supplements and lots of fruit and vegetables are definitely in order. Start by amping up your intake of Vitamin C and Zinc. Zinc is an important (and often overlooked) micro-nutrient for your immune system’s health. People who are Zinc deficient are more susceptible to infections.

Cut back on sugar, stress and caffeine. All these affect blood sugar levels and put your body in a state of high alert. The constant pressure to reestablish equilibrium makes you more susceptible to virus and bacteria. Excess sugar can also knock out your ‘good’ bacteria in your gut, an integral part of the immune defense. Stress lowers resistance and reduces your digestive capacity by as much as 60%.

On the common sense side, wash your hands often, and always after leaving the workplace. Keep your body warm (especially hands and feet). Get blood circulating with a simple system of alternating warm and cold showers in the morning. Outrageous as it sounds, you’ll notice your body feels warmer, even in cold weather. Reduce consumption of mucus producing foods like dairy and white bread. And be sure you get a little more sleep in the winter months. The immune system recovers during the night while your body is in a resting state.

Good health is often a matter of good preparation. By giving your immune system a little extra boost, you greatly reduce the chances of spending this winter under the weather.

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