Health as it Happens: February 2011 Newsletter

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Health as it Happens: February 2011 Newsletter

email-health-benefits-of-sexHealth Benefits of Sex.
We know you really don’t need another reason to have sex and we hate to state the obvious, but sex does a body good. And no, this isn’t a message from the male end of the population.
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email-overlooked-red-flagsOverlooked Red Flags (for the C-Word).
Women tend to be more vigilant than men for signs of cancer. Still, there are a number of ‘not-normals’ we tend to gloss over. Read about some red flags to watch out for.
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email-mommy-guiltComing to Grips with Mommy Guilt.
Guilt is a driving force behind so much of what modern mothers feel. Should moms worry about feeling guilty or should they embrace it?
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email-fingernials-point-to-health-issuesFingernails Point to Health Issues.
Eyes may be the window to the soul, but your nails (believe it or not) can be a gateway to hidden health issues.
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email-new-relief-for-pmsNew Relief for PMS?
Could what you eat help PMS? A recent study from Brazil offers an interesting alternative for women struggling with these monthly pains.
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