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Health as it Happens – April Newsletter

blog-what-is-fibroid1Do You Know What a Fibroid Is?
You’ll never guess what the answers will be. In honor of Fibroid Awareness Week, our video team went in search of answers to “What is a Fibroid?” during a recent Women’s Health expo. The responses are both comical and alarming!
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blog-fibroid-researchUterine Fibroid Embolization Research Update
A research study published on March 1, 2011 concluded that Hysterectomy should be the last choice when treating fibroids.
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blog-fibroid-heavy-periodsTreatment for Heavy Periods
Dealing with heavy bleeding and looking for a solution? Learn about various types of treatments and how UAE may also help put an end to your bloody misery
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blog-fibroid-familyWhen Fibroids Run in the Family
Fibroids often run in families and some individuals may find themselves afflicted with fibroids at an earlier age. Find out how fibroids can affect a woman’s fertility and what you can do to mitigate this issue.
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Health as it Happens – April Newsletter

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