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Change Your Health in 2012

blog-health-2012If someone told you there was one thing that could lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s, joint arthritis, anxiety and depression…or the symptoms of these conditions if you already have them…what do you imagine it might be?

Dr. Mike Evans offers a short and brilliant suggestion on a YouTube video called “23 ½ hours”. His answer? Move your body. One half hour, every day. Numerous studies have proved that being sedentary is bad for health. Dr. Evans builds a convincing case that if we all spend 30 minutes a day, every day, doing some form of physical exercise, we would lower not only risk, but existing symptoms for many diseases. And not just a fraction, but significantly.

This may sound like something you’ve heard before. But the medical evidence cleverly presented in “23 ½ hours” suggests that taking 30 minutes a day to walk, bike, engage in a sport or fitness activity would have a very high impact on your general health. In just one of many instances, Dr. Evans sites a German study of 100 cardiac patients. (People who were already suffering the affects of heart disease.) Half received no surgical intervention, but went on a program of 20 minutes of stationary bike every day, with a 60 minutes aerobic class once a week. The other half received stents (surgically implanted balloons that open plaque – clogged heart valves). After one year, 88% of the patients who did a fairly small, but consistent amount of physical activity were event free, versus patients who had surgical intervention (70% were event free). While both approaches worked, Dr. Evans points out that activity had a measurably greater effect than surgery. And activity addressed the whole body, while a stent only fixes one part of the heart.

So here we are in a brand new year. And here you are with a resolution to consider. Move your body. One half hour. Every day. It’s such a little thing…that could change so much.

Change Your Health in 2012

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