dp The Role of the Gynecologist in UAE

The Role of the Gynecologist in UAE

Although most Gynecologists do not perform UAE, they play a vital role in the care. Read here to find out more!

Can my gynecologist perform Uterine Artery Embolization?

This is quite unlikely.  Unless your gynecologist has underwent Interventional Radiology training, it is not likely that he or she would be competent to perform UAE. At each stage, specific angiographic skills are necessary, therefore, all physicians performing UAE must be qualified to perform diagnostic angiography according to the standards of the American College of Radiology.  The operating physician must be capable of taking part in a series of operational procedures related to the passage of a catheter, use of angiographic imaging, as well as the subsequent assessment of the result.  Without having undergone the strict guidelines of the Task Force of Uterine Artery Embolizaton and the Standards Division of the Society of Interventional Radiologists, gynecologists are incapable of performing this procedure.

Fortunately for his patients, Dr. Bruce Mclucas is both a qualified Gynecologists and trained in Interventional Radiology, allowing him to offer all-encompassing care for his patients every step of the way.  Because he has the training for both, he can give care and medical attention for his patients at every point in the UAE process. Gynecologists are an extremely important part of the team as their expertise in the evaluation and treatment of pelvic masses, abnormal uterine bleeding, and the surgical management of complications is necessary in the care of UFE patients. UFE should not be performed without a supportive gynecologist.

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The Role of the Gynecologist in UAE

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