dp You've had an embolization, now what?

You’ve had an embolization, now what?

Get a step by step guide to learn about out how the fibroid degeneration process works after embolization.

After having an Embolization, how long afterwards can I expect to see some visible change?

After the procedure, the embolized fibroid immediately loses its supply of oxygen, blood, and nutrients. Because of this, over the subsequent weeks and months, individual muscle cells in the fibroid die off and are replaced by scar tissue. This process, however, occurs gradually, and is not an instantaneous occurrence. Because the individual cells die off one at a time, there is no large mass of dead tissue in the body.

Eventually, the fibroid is replaced by scar tissue. This scar tissue is about half as big as the original fibroid, or perhaps slightly smaller. Because scar tissue does not respond to hormonal stimulation as fibroids do, the normal menstrual cycle no longer causes growth and you can expect to experience lighter periods, less pain, and less pressure. Most women are able to witness lessened symptoms almost immediately.

You can expect to meet with your OB-GYN 1 week, 6 months, and year after the procedure so that he/she can track the progress of your fibroids. However, because results may vary for each individual, it is difficult to determine a set time at which you will see visible changes; however, in most cases, women find that the procedure successfully decreases the size of their fibroids and they are able to experience a life with out the burden of fibroid symptoms!

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You’ve had an embolization, now what?

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