dp UFE After Traditional Surgery Types

UFE After Traditional Surgery Types

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Even after a myomectomy, Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) can still be a plausible option for fibroid treatment. Many women who have tried myomectomy and witnessed re-growth in their fibroids look to UFE to treat their existing fibroids.

Because the UFE procedure uses tiny particles to successfully block off the blood supply that feeds fibroids, the subsequent chance of regrowth for these fibroids are unlikely. Therefore, UFE patients are less likely to witness fibroid regrowth than their myomectomy counterparts.  In addition to a decreased chance of regrowth, UFE patients also experience the advantage of immediate symptom relief.

Symptoms of heavy bleeding, bloating, pain, and pressure can immediately become lessened after the procedure. On average, many post-operative UFE patients state that their symptoms were either eradicated or lessened following the treatment; Therefore, embolization would be an optimal choice of fibroid treatment for your situation-not to mention, a quick recovery period of less then 7 days!

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UFE After Traditional Surgery Types

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