dp Getting Your Sexy Back

Getting Your Sexy Back

Dealing with decreased libido? You are not alone! Read on to find out more about this issue and what you can do to battle the issue.

A woman’s desire for sex is based on a complex interaction of many components affecting intimacy, including physical well-being, emotional well-being, experiences, beliefs, lifestyle and hormones. Learn what plays a role in igniting (or not igniting) the desire to get down and dirty.

While estrogen levels are important, the latest research shows that the male hormone testosterone also plays a role in a woman’s sex drive. Though present in only small amounts, some doctors say it’s the seasoning that makes her sex drive sizzle. Moreover, when levels become erratic, as they do at midlife, that desire can fizzle fast.

Complicating matters further, studies show that sometimes the very treatments women take to control midlife symptoms — such as HRT or low-dose birth control pills — can actually disrupt desire by robbing the body of testosterone.And while in younger women the answer may be to simply switch brands of birth control pills, in women over 40, adding tiny amounts of testosterone back into the body is the solution.

Still, many doctors prescribe testosterone “off label” — frequently turning to drugs such as Estratest, a combination estrogen-testosterone prescription approved for hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. If you’re at all worried about taking estrogen, experts say this is not the drug for you.

Admittedly, there are far more options for men seeking to rediscover their libido than there are for women trying to find theirs. In fact, despite some experts suggesting that Viagra can increase libido for women, studies show it had disappointing results in women.

With that being said, the following are some steps that women can take to get on the path of jump-starting their mojo:

  • A blood test for low thyroid function and iron deficiency anemia, two common disorders that can affect sex drive.
  • Discuss whether or not you may be suffering from low-level depression — which can affect libido.
  • Localized estrogen therapy. Placing estrogen directly into the vagina soothes vaginal tissue, and allows the secretions necessary for comfortable sex and possibly even an increase in sexual desire.
  • Compounded testosterone cream. These creams, although needing a prescription, can be applied to the vagina to increase sensation, or to the clitoris to increase orgasm.
  • Vitamin E. When used locally in the vagina it can help rehydrate tissue and may possibly increase sensation.

Before using supplements, you should first have a discussion with your doctor, as side effects or drug interactions may occur.

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