Fibroid Embolization Maintained My Health & Fertility

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Fibroid Embolization Maintained My Health & Fertility

Laura, a police officer that was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids, explains how Uterine Fibroid Embolization helped maintain her fertility and had her back on the job in a matter of weeks.

Laura, a police officer, was diagnosed with fibroids at 35. Her primary care physician told her that her best option was to have a hysterectomy, but she wasn’t ready to give up her fertility. After doing research online, she found Dr. McLucas, founder of the Fibroid Treatment Collective and a UCLA Professor. “Dr. McLucas is the “guru” of this [UFE] procedure,” said Laura. “If anyone is thinking about this procedure, come sit down, have a talk with Dr. McLucas and check out your options.” Laura did- and a few weeks after Dr. McLucas performed the procedure, she was back at the policy academy, “up and running with the boys.”

At 42, Laura was blessed with her first child. “I think embolization is the best procedure out there for maintaining your health and your fertility.” Laura explained. “Here I am sleep deprived (because of the baby), but the happiest person you could imagine. It [UFE] changed my life.”

Fibroid Embolization Maintained My Health & Fertility

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