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Despite a decades-old debate over its medical necessity, hysterectomy is still the most common non-obstetrical major surgery performed on women in the United States. By the time a woman reaches age 60, the chances are about 1 in 3 that she will have had her uterus removed, and possibly her ovaries as well, in order […]

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By: Kathleen Fackelmann NEW YORK (AP) — Arleen Chatman’s mother had a hysterectomy. Her grandmother had a hysterectomy. So did her sister, two aunts and a cousin, who was only 32 when the family problem uterine fibroids struck her as they do millions of women every year. Chatman, 57, was determined to buck her history, […]

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New Techniques Expand Treatment Options to Help Women Avoid Major Surgery By Gail McBride, Special to The Washington Post April 6, 1999 They may affect up to half of women of childbearing age and can cause bleeding, pain and perhaps infertility. Yet until recently, medical research paid scant attention to those benign growths in the […]

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