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Embolization has helped many women recover from painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Find out how embolization can shrink or eradicate fibroids of all sizes. My fibroid is the size of a six month pregnancy. Is embolization a good procedure for huge fibroids? The embolization procedure is an optimal alternative for fibroids of all sizes. UFE (Uterine […]

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Can menopause cause your fibroids to disappear? Find out if and how the changes in your body during menopause can be of benefit to you. I’m 53 years old. I’ve been told that with menopause, the fibroids go away. Is this true? The hormones estrogen and progesterone appear to be leading factors in the growth […]

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Have to travel to receive Dr. McLucas’ services? No problem! Find out what little time you’ll need to dedicate to the the UFE process and procedures. I live outside of the US. How much time would I need in order to get all the tests, the procedure and follow-up? Generally speaking, you should plan a […]

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