dp Fibroid treatment,with embolization, world famous Dr. Mclucas from Beverly Hills, USA

Gold Standard for Fibroid Care.

Women come from around the world for Dr. McLucas.

  • No surgery, scars, or long recovery
  • Stops pain and bleeding
  • Reduces fibroid-fat stomachs
  • Helps fibroid-related fertility issues
  • Featured across top U.S. media
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Uterine fibroid embolization.

Non-surgical relief pioneered by Dr. Bruce McLucas.

You deserve the best treatment. Meet gynecologist Bruce McLucas M.D. Yale Medical School graduate. American fibroid expert. And pioneer of the non-surgical procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

Featured in magazines and television, UFE is safe. Simple. With such a quick recovery time, you'll be ready to enjoy the world-famous pleasures of Beverly Hills, California (where his clinic is located) in days.

Patients from many different countries like Dubai, Nigeria, Canada, China, and Russia, seek help from Dr. McLucas. Why? A safe, innovative and non-surgical procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

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Dr. McLucas has successfully performed over 10,000 UFE procedures

Hear from his patients

Beth went in for a routine check-up, only to be told she needed a Hysterectomy.

Cynthia couldn't get pregnant. One procedure changed everything.

Fibroids hurt Ingrid's health and her sex life. Embolization freed her.

Lola couldn't believe how easy treatment was. Or how happy it made her.

I Underwent Fibroid Embolization and Became a Mom

Cara Chose Embolization Over Hysterectomy

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Why travel to America for fibroid care?

Dr. McLucas is pioneer and recognized champion of the UFE procedure. Many women come from abroad for his expertise.
He has personally performed more than 10,000 procedures that saved patients from pain, bleeding and infertility.

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