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The Fibroid Treatment Collective is unique in that we are a medical group solely devoted to fibroids with a special emphasis on embolization. FTC introduced embolization to America over a decade ago. We are responsible for thousands of successful treatments and actively train other physicians to perform this safe, non-surgical procedure.

FTC was established by Bruce McLucas M.D., a graduate of Yale Medical School and a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. Dr. McLucas is one of the only gynecologists in America accredited in the skills necessary to perform embolization, allowing him to participate in every step of your treatment.

Concern for the high number of unnecessary hysterectomies and dissatisfaction with myomectomy outcomes led Dr. McLucas to become an fibroid embolization advocate. His goal, and the mission of FTC is to ensure women with fibroids know all the options when it comes to their fibroid treatment.

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