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Dr. McLucas is an OB-GYN who is also qualified to perform uterine artery embolizations. He founded the Fibroid Treatment Collective more than 12 years ago and his team performed the first embolization in the US at UCLA in 1994. Today he travels the world to teach doctors in other countries about embolization.

Dr. McLucas has been interviewed for several articles in Women’s Day. His fluoroscopy footage has been used in ABC’s Private Practice (2009), and he has filmed a special segment for EMMY award winning series The Doctors.

Dr. McLucas received his M.D. from Yale University Medical School and has his gynecological practice in Beverly Hills, CA. He is also an attending physician at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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You have probably seen the current FDA news about Fibroid Morcellation and that power mocellation for the removal of uterine fibroids could possibly spread cancer tissue in women with unsuspected cancer. Tools help us in everyday life from hammering nails to aiding surgeons during complex and often times difficult procedures. However, there may be hidden ... Read more

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