dp Uterine Fibroids Treatment with Embolization (UFE)
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Pioneers of
Uterine Fibroid Embolization. (UFE)

  • First UFE ever performed in America

  • Leader in non-surgical fibroid treatment

  • 10,000+ successful cases

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The Fibroid Treatment Collective?

We're a fibroid-focused collective of doctors with extensive experience in fibroid embolization; the non-surgical approach that treats fibroids by shrinking them, rather than removing the uterus or uterine tissue.

We're also a collective of Patient Advocates. Women who don't want surgery. Or have already experienced multiple fibroid surgeries. Or simply believe a less invasive treatment is a better treatment. They freely share their experience with embolization on this site and in our webinars and seminars.

FTC founder, Bruce McLucas believes that traditional fibroid surgeries, such as hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) and myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids) should never be a patient’s only option. He introduced Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) to America in 1994 and has performed thousands of successful procedures. Dr McLucas actively trains other physicians in UFE.



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Been told you need surgery?

Before you do anything, look into our non-surgical approach.

Simple and safe fibroid treatment Simple and safe
Simple and safe fibroid treatment Immediate relief
Simple and safe fibroid treatment Less downtime
Simple and safe fibroid treatment No recurrence
Simple and safe fibroid treatment Keep your fertility

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How Progesterone Affects Fibroids

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Hormone Therapy for Fibroids

To reduce symptoms associated with uterine fibroids, certain hormone therapies may be suggested by your doctor. These types of medications target hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle, which treats heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, and disorders such as endometriosis; the abnormal tissue growth outside of the uterine lining. While hormone therapy in some instances, can also […] Learn more