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Unlike a traditional myomectomy, a hysteroscopic myomectomy is a non-invasive treatment for fibroids! Learn more. Nearly 70% of women experience uterine fibroids, which are noncancerous tumors found in the uterus. Symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding, an enlarged uterus that can resemble early pregnancy, and pelvic pressure or pain. Most women will endure these symptoms caused […]

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How much does embolization hurt? Does embolization keep new fibroids from forming? Should I just leave my fibroids without treatment? You asked, the doctor answered. Dr. Bruce McLucas Q. How much does embolization hurt? A: Almost all of our patients experience some cramping for a few days after embolization. Patients with large fibroids can experience […]

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By: Bruce McLucas, MD, and Louis Adler, MD INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS September 2001 Volume 74 No. 3 pp. 297-299 Summary SITUATION Although uterine fibroid embolization has been described as having a lower morbidity than myomectomy, no cohort comparison has been attempted to compare morbidity rates in patients who underwent uterine fibroid embolization […]

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