The Embolized Fibroid Uterus

By: Bruce McLucas, S.C. Goodwin and D. Kaminsky MIN INVAS THER & ALLIED TECHNOL
1999 Volume 7 No. 3 pp. 267-271


Embolization of the uterine arteries, used for many types of pelvic haemorrhage, recentiy has been successfully applied to women suffering from myomata uterus. As a side effect of embolisation, myomata shrink more than 50% of their pre-embolisation size, measured by ultrasound. The embolised uterus has not been described elsewhere. Various clinical conditions gave rise to the possibility of viewing the effect of embolisation upon the uterus. Pathologic effects of embolisation of uterine arteries for control of menorrhagia associated with myomata are described, immediately and several months after the procedure.

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