Role of Gynecologist & Radiologist in Fibroid Treatment

To ensure optimal care, both gynecologists and interventional radiologists must be integrated into the care of UFE patients. Learn more about how this relationship works by reading on.

What kind of relationship does the radiologist and the gynecologist have during the process of Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) and what are each of their responsibilities when treating me?

In order for the patient to experience optimal care, it is imperative for both the Interventional Radiologist (IR) and the Gynecologist (Gyn) to take a team approach. Both parties must be an integral part of the team to ensure the best care. There are times in which a patient may have combined problems, needing both UFE and a laparoscopic removal or some other gynecological procedure.  In these cases it is vital for both key players to be comfortable with offering a wide variety of procedures and be ready to provide optimal care.

By combining the resources offered by both the IR and the Gyn, it allows both physicians to evaluate, treat, and help all women with fibroids, regardless of their individual health situations.

Both types of physicians have an important role in the care patients with fibroids.  The Gyn is usually responsible for conducting a pelvic exam prior to the procedure and inspecting whether the patient is a viable candidate for UFE.  If so, the Gyn may then refer that patient to an IR capable of performing the procedure, assuming all alternatives were presented and the patient expressed a partiality for the UAE option.

To make certain that the patient is a quality candidate, a series of MRI’s and ultrasounds may be performed.  If all is well, from that point the IR plays an equally important role, if not more, in the primary care of the patient.  The IR not only performs the actual embolization, but he or she assumes the primary role of handling most post procedure care and any complications that arise.  Both the IR and Gyn must keep an open line of communication not only with one another, but with the patient as well, so as to ensure a successful UAE process.

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