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Will I still have menstrual periods after I have the embolization procedure?

Generally speaking, approximately 95% of women will continue to have menstrual periods after Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). Roughly 5% of women in one study did enter menopause after UFE, but the reason for this is unclear. It may have been coincidental, but there is also a small possibility that some of the injected particles caused a reduction of blood flow to the ovaries.

Additionally, if you are reaching the typical age range in which most women experience menopause, there is a possibility that you may enter menopause. Often times, this is not caused by the procedure itself, but rather a natural phenomenon that is unavoidable.

At any rate, most women continue to have their periods and are happy to find that they no longer experience the burdensome symptoms that they experienced prior to UFE. After UFE, periods are often much lighter, less painful, and quite manageable.

Embolization patients are often very satisfied with the less-invasive procedural outcomes and are able to experience normal menstrual cycles, while leaving fertility options open.

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