Premature Menopause After UFE

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Premature Menopause After UFE

Menopause after UAE, although uncommon, can sometimes occur. Find out what factors can bring about menopause after UAE inside.

There are a number of factors that play a role in premature menopause, which occurs in women before the age of 40. At times, premature menopause may be caused by premature ovarian failure (abnormal functioning of the ovaries). This may be a result of non-target embolization of blood vessels leading to the ovaries. In this case, blockage of the blood supply to the ovaries can cause premature failure.

According to an article published in The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, techniques carried out by individual radiologists can also play a role in premature ovarian failure, along with rate of injection and thoroughness of blockage. In addition, aggressive embolization, as opposed to arterial embolization, can predispose the backflow of particles outside of the catheter to the ovarian arteries, further causing ovarian failure.

Ultimately, however, the age of a patient at the time of embolization has a direct effect on the occurrence of ovarian failure; therefore, patients older than the age of 40 may face a higher risk of premature menopause.

All things considered, it is suggested that patients seek embolization in the early symptomatic stage of their health issue so as to avoid increased risk of premature menopause.

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Premature Menopause After UFE

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  1. Michelle R says:

    I had use in July 2015. I am in much distress as I am experiencing severe menopausal symptoms (I.e. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia). I was aware of the small risk of premature menopause due to my age (50 years old). I bleed for about 6 weeks after ufe but period have ceased since then. However, I was advised this only occurred in a small percentage of women. I had the option to do a meme tony but opted for ufe. Now, I am reading that the risk of premature or ovarian failure is much higher than I thought. Is there a chance that these symptoms are temporary? Do women go into menopause after this treatment because radiologist blocked blood vessels leading to ovaries. Totally regret doing this surgery. I prefer the fibroid problems to all the menopausal symptoms I am experiencing. Will these menopausal symptoms last longer because they were premature instead of happening naturally?

    • Bonique says:

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