UFE Treatment of Various Fibroid Sizes

Embolization has helped many women recover from painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Find out how embolization can shrink or eradicate fibroids of all sizes.

My fibroid is the size of a six month pregnancy. Is embolization a good procedure for huge fibroids?

The embolization procedure is an optimal alternative for fibroids of all sizes. UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization) has the ability to shrink fibroids by 50-65%; therefore, relieving symptoms common to fibroids such as pain, heavy bleeding, anemia, and fatigue.  Embolization reduces large fibroids just as effectively as small fibroids; however, the final size is directly comparable to the starting fibroid size. Because results may vary, you should consult your provider or schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. McLucas to find out more information about how UFE can benefit you.

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