The Truth About PVA Particles

Not a fan of foreign objects in your body? Read on to learn more about PVA particles and how safe and effective they can be!

During UAE, what happens to the tiny particles used to block the fibroid artery? Can they go somewhere else?

Polyvinyl Alcohol Particles, or PVA particles are tiny particles that are transported through the catheter leading to the femoral artery to block the existing fibroid blood supply. These tiny particles are in no danger to one’s health and have no known long-term side effects.  As a result of the blockage to the existing fibroids in the uterus by way of the PVA particles, often times the fibroid begins to shrink.  This decrease in size can range anywhere between 50-70%; therefore, immediately putting an end to most, if not all, symptoms related to the fibroid.

Because the PVA particles are inserted directly into the artery feeding the fibroid, the particles are incapable of spreading anywhere other than to the targeted fibroid.  Blood flow in the artery is one-way and for this reason it is impossible for the particles to flow “backwards”. Additionally, thus far, there have not  been any known cases of particles escaping into the bloodstream and creating embolisms elsewhere. Careful attention during UAE appears to avoid the theoretical problem of distant embolisms.

At the Fibroid Treatment Collective, it is our number one priority to educate our patients and ensure that they feel secure when making any health decisions. If you have any additional questions regarding UAE or fibroids, please feel free to give us a call at 866-362-6463. You can also scroll down to post a comment to this blog or click here to ask your question online.


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