Fibroids on the Outside of the Uterus

Have you been diagnosed with a pedunculated fibroid and want to learn more it? Learn about what differentiates this type of fibroid from the others along with some common symptoms.

My doctor told me that I have an 8cm long, 4cm tall, 6cm wide fibroid. What’s really crazy about this growth is that it isn’t in the uterine lining or in the uterus, but it’s attached to the outer part of my uterus by a stalk. What does all of this mean?

This fibroid is known as a Pedunculated fibroid and is not as common as other types of fibroids in the main uterine muscle. The fibroid is a benign muscle growth, usually one cell that has just replicated itself over and over. The pedunculated fibroids generally do not cause abnormal bleeding because they are remote from the uterine lining that is shed each month during menses. These types of fibroids can occasionally twist (torsion) and cause severe pain; however, this does not occur often.

For the most part, however, they don’t usually produce too many symptoms unless they are big enough to cause abdominal fullness, which can sometimes make one appear to be pregnant.A fibroid the size that you have described may be removed laparoscopically alone or laparoscopically with a vaginal incision to deliver the fibroid rather than a major abdominal incision. You may also choose to undergo Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) which is a  non-invasive, non-surgical, out-patient procedure.

UFE requires a very small incision, about the size of a freckle, which is made in your upper thigh. A tiny catheter is inserted through this incision and into the femoral artery. Using x-ray guidance, a trained physician locates the feeder vessels which supply blood to each fibroid. Microscopic inert particles are injected into the vessels, blocking blood supply that nourishes the fibroid. Without a steady blood supply, the fibroids begin to dwindle and shrink.

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