Fibroids and Your Sex Life

Fibroids can interfere with many aspects of your life. In particular, sex. Fibroids can make sex painful and unpleasant. They can decrease overall libido. Alter your figure. Make your body feel alien to you. Keep you weak and fatigued.

But treatment options do exist to restore sexual drive, desire, and pleasure by addressing what’s actually holding you back. Non-surgical uterine embolization treats fibroids without the need for surgery or lengthy recovery periods. It can restore your own confidence and control in your body. Not to mention your sex life.

Common Concerns About Fibroids and Sex

Due to the location of fibroids, many patients wonder how fibroids will impact their sex life. Plenty of myths float around the internet that can give you the wrong idea. So, before discussing treatment, let’s clear up some questions.

Can Fibroids Cause Pain During Sex?

For many women with fibroids, sex can become quite painful. And when fibroids cause pain during sex, it can lead to a range of concerns. Instead of a pleasurable experience, sex can become something to fear. As fibroids grow, they continue to increase any discomfort you might feel during sex. So, timely treatment is essential to restore your sex life and once again enjoy intimacy.

Can Fibroids Cause Bleeding After Sex?

Yes, fibroids can cause bleeding after sex. Though many women won’t experience this symptom, other patients may feel it regularly. Since fibroids require a blood supply, disruptions to them can lead to bleeding. In addition to pain during sex, this symptom can significantly harm one’s sex life and intimate relationships.

Are Fibroids Sexually Transmitted?

No. This is a myth. Fibroids are not sexually transmitted. If you have fibroids, you do not need to worry about transmitting them. Nor can a partner transmit fibroids to you.

Can Lack of Sex Cause Fibroids?

There is no research that suggests a lack of sex can cause fibroids. This rumor floats around because some women experience a loss of sex drive around the time they form fibroids. But they don’t notice they have this condition until it appears in an ultrasound or some other form of pelvic imaging. It’s a case of fibroids causing a decrease in sex drive before the fibroids are actually diagnosed versus lack of sex causing the fibroids.

Fibroids and Loss of Sex Drive

When facing pain and bleeding during sex, you can quickly lose interest. Additionally, fibroids can alter levels of hormones in your body, leading to decreased libido as well. Even if sex is not painful, you might find yourself with a lowered interest in it. If this is the case, we recommend having an exam to see if fibroids might be a contributing factor.

We always recommend not to ignore sudden changes that occur in your body. There is always the chance these changes could be the sign of a deeper issue. Make sure to set up an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss these symptoms.

Even smaller fibroids can impact your life. Small fibroid tumors can cause a hormonal imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, which, in turn, creates the loss of interest in sex.

Why Do Fibroids Cause Pain During Sex?

One explanation for the pain is the size of the fibroids. Large fibroids can produce pressure in the uterus and can cause painful sex. Additionally, when benign fibroid tumors grow at the end of the vaginal tract, they can make penetrative sex highly uncomfortable for women.

Cervical fibroids can either press on the cervix or actually hang through the cervical opening, making it exceedingly difficult for women to enjoy sexual relations. To make matters worse, fibroids growing in this area can also result in bleeding during sexual activity.

Treatment Options for Fibroids

The key to reclaiming your sex drive is non-surgical uterine fibroid embolization. This non-invasive treatment allows you to treat fibroids quickly and conveniently, with minimum interruption to your life.

When performed by a trained expert, it:

  • Is safer than surgical options (e.g., hysterectomy or myomectomy)
  • Proven to be effective (94% success rate)
    Allows a speedy recovery time (as fast as one week)

Many women resume light activities in a few days, and most women can return to normal activities within seven to ten days. Choosing a non-surgical embolization as your fibroid treatment can allow you to be back on your feet and enjoying sex once again in no time.

Sex After Fibroid Embolization

For the first week or so after treatment, patients should avoid sex. We will provide you with full details on when you can return to having sex after embolization. It depends on the size of your fibroids and how your body responds to the treatment. But, once you see your results, sex should no longer be painful!

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If you have been diagnosed with fibroids or suspect that you may have fibroids, give us a call so that we may schedule you for a free consultation. By taking advantage of this consultation, you will allow yourself the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the doctor himself, discussing treatment options and deciding whether non-surgical embolization is a viable option for you.

Don’t let fibroids have control over your most enjoyable moments. Contact us today to take the first step in reclaiming your body and your sex life.

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