Fibroids and its Effect on Your Day to Day Life

Overcoming Fibroids

Women are resilient and powerful.  They endure the pains of childbirth, monthly menstruation, and a host of other conditions brought on simply by being a woman. Fibroids are no exception. Fibroids are common benign tumors of uterine origin that commonly develop as various sized single tumors or as grouped clusters. They occur mainly in pre-menopausal women. They may grow either towards the uterine cavity, the abdominal cavity, or they are located within the uterine wall. But wherever they are found, women all describe them as one thing; painful. But there is a way out!

With 40% of women aged between 35 and 55 affected, many delay seeing their doctors. There are factors that can increase a woman’s risk of developing fibroids that span from eating habits to family history. For example, women of color, especially African-American women, are more susceptible to fibroid development.

What are the Symptoms?

For many women learning to live and cope with the uterine fibroid symptoms is what proves most difficult. For example, heavy periods are a common symptom and seriously get in their way of life. Bleeding is so constant they frequently have to change their tampon, sometimes every 30 minutes as well as pairing them with more than one sanitary napkin. Many take time off work, cancel dates with friends, or miss opportunities. The pressure fibroids place on your pelvic cavity can cause frequent trips to the restroom throughout the day and night. Many have to learn how to prevent embarrassing leaks, but this does not compensate for their disrupted daily life. Furthermore, when left untreated, fibroids can grow in size and the excessive blood loss creates a risk of iron deficiency.

Heavy bleeding is only one of the countless symptoms of fibroids. Fibroids can cause longer, painful periods, lower back pain, discomfort during sex, and difficulty during pregnancy. Some women cope by taking pills but ultimately, coping is not the answer!  Most women have constant discomfort and must be near a toilet at all times. Imagine the inconvenience! Fibroids also can impact your fertility, thus making it harder to get pregnant. This increases the likelihood of complications during pregnancy and this becomes greater once you conceive. So if you’re thinking of starting a family, that’s another good reason to speak to your doctor. No one should have to live with such a burden, not when there are safe and viable options.

So to recap: incredibly heavy periods, horrible uterine pain, irritability caused from constantly being in pain, inability to have sex due to the pain, and strains on one’s love life are just some of the inconveniences of fibroids.  Furthermore, fibroids can cause constant pain, forces you to constantly be changing pads and tampons, spend thousands of dollars on these feminine hygiene products as well as the clothes ruined, never feeling confident to wear white, relationships can become strained, not being able to go about your daily life or accomplish everything you want to in a day because of how inhibiting fibroids can be, make fibroids are unpleasant and uncomfortable part of life. Your self-esteem and value as woman suffers because of the trauma brought on by this condition. But that doesn’t have to be the end.

Is There Hope for Me or My Loved One?

There is hope! Although fibroids aren’t life-threatening you should take action so these symptoms no longer dictate how you live your life. Apart from anything, fibroids are more treatable today than ever before. There are options for every situation including surgery, oral pills, or controlling bleeding. It’s all about finding the most effective treatment for you. So while you may feel that you can continue to ‘cope’ with the symptoms of fibroids, there’s really no need. One such option: Fibroid Embolization.

Fibroid Embolization may be the answer to getting your life back to normal and pain free!

Embolization has been around since 1975. Doctors perform this procedure to reduce bleeding during uterine surgery. One important effect of the treatment is it shrinks the fibroids. This effective, non-invasive treatment gave hope to many and led to further studies, trials and has ultimately found acceptance in the world of medicine. Today, women across the globe have found relief with this safe, simple procedure. Imagine living a life free from constant worrying and embarrassment. Hundreds of thousands of women have and they are living worry free! They once again have the confidence to wear whatever they want whenever they want. So can you! Having the assurance that you won’t constantly need to make trips to the restroom or forgo an evening out because of what could happen. Embolization is minimally invasive and very safe! The freedom it offers is invaluable. The side effects are minimal and can’t compare to the comfort and peace of mind it brings. Post procedure cramping is the most common side effects, but is usually controlled by pain-killers. However, the effects are nothing compared to the freedom and security that this procedure offers!

How would Fibroid Embolization do just that?

Doctors use fluoroscopy, a type of real-time x-ray, to deliver and guide embolic agents to the uterus and fibroids. The embolic agents cause the fibroids to shrink by blocking the arteries that supply them blood. No more embarrassing leaks or involuntary trips to the restroom. Uterine Fibroid Embolization has an overall success rate of 94%. This means 94% of all patients who had the procedure experienced relief from their symptoms and significant fibroid shrinkage. Furthermore:

  • 99% of patients had immediate relief from heavy bleeding
  • 94% of patients experienced 50-60 percent shrinkage
  • 48% of patients who attempted to conceive were successful
  • 99% of patients returned to work in less than a week

There is hope for you! No need to cope!  Just take action. Consult a doctor about Fibroid Embolization and get back to life as usual! Call (866) 479-1523 for a Doctor Today!


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