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Protect Your Fertility

Fertility & Fibroids

Fibroids can cause the uterus to change shape, which can decrease fertility. Intramural (located in the wall of the uterus) and submucosal (located on the inside of the uterus, bulging inward) fibroids can lead to problems with fertility and sometimes may lead to miscarriage.

Pregnancy After Embolization

Fibroids can appear in young women who still desire fertility. After embolization, young patients who pursue fertility have a very good success rate. Almost half of these women who came to the FTC went on to conceive and deliver children, and this corresponds to other studies in the US, Canada and Europe.

If You Already Have Fibroids

…it may be difficult to carry to term. It is not advisable to attempt pregnancy until you deal with the fibroid problem. There are risks to any procedure, but embolization might be the best for young women who want to conceive. Contact us at FTC to find out more.

If You’re Already Pregnant

…delay treatment. While increased hormones can cause fibroids to grow, no procedure should be performed while you are pregnant.

Fertility & Fibroids

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