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Beverly Hills Fibroid Treatment

The Fibroid Treatment Collective offers women a chance to treat fibroids without invasive surgeries or hysterectomies. Located in Beverly Hills, The Fibroid Treatment Collective has helped women across California and around the world become fibroid-free. And surgery-free.

Will Fibroid Embolization Work For Me?

Fibroid Embolization is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that shrinks fibroids instead of cutting them out. Our patients experience immediate relief from excessive bleeding and will see significant reduction in the size of their fibroids following the procedure.

Fibroid Embolization is a minimally invasive procedure with a very quick recovery time. Most women return to work in less than a week. Fibroid Embolization does not cut or scar the uterus like traditional surgeries. Fertility and the ability to bear children is not harmed. In fact, such a significant portion of our patient population has conceived and carried to term, that a medical paper has been written on the subject.

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At the Fibroid Treatment Collective, your entire treatment is handled, start to finish, by the same physician and medical team. This continuity of care offers patients a sense of security and familiarity so often missing in fibroid treatment. Our Founder, Dr. Bruce McLucas, personally introduced Fibroid Embolization to the United States in 1994 as an alternative to the overwhelming number of hysterectomies being used to address fibroid issues. As a pioneer and advocate of non-surgical fibroid intervention, Dr. McLucas is also one of the only OB/GYNs in the country qualified to perform UAE. His experience in fibroid treatment is truly exceptional. In fact, thousands of fibroid-free patients would say, incomparable.

We Are Here To Help You With Fibroids:

Many women travel from outside California to take advantage of the continuity of care provided by Dr. Bruce McLucas and his medical team for Fibroid Embolization. We’ve welcomed patients from New York, Florida and Philadelphia. Not to mention the slightly farther flung in Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore and Kuwait.

Fibroids and Weight Gain:

Fibroids are benign tumors. They can grow from pea-sized to masses equal to a nine month pregnancy. This growth causes an enlarged abdomen, which may be mistaken for weight gain.

Fibroid Treatment Center, Beverly Hills:

The Fibroid Treatment Collective is a medical group of experts dedicated to curing fibroids with minimally invasive therapy. Call us today to schedule your FREE confidential consultation at (800) 645-6095

The Fibroid Treatment Collective offers women a non-surgical way to remove fibroids without surgery in Beverly Hills and the South Bay area.

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